Our Projects: Edmon Street Parking Lot


County of Hastings


Town of Deseronto

Project Timeline:

10 weeks

Project Description

Morven Construction completed multiple enhancements to the Edmon Street parking lot located in the Town of Deseronto. This parking facility is an integral part of a housing complex owned by the County of Hastings.

The project required a series of removals, involving the extraction of concrete curbs, sidewalks, signage, as well as small trees and bushes. To improve drainage, the existing granular parking lot underwent a comprehensive regrading. A new catch basin and storm sewer were installed, complemented by the addition of a perimeter curb and gutter system.

The overall functionality and aesthetics of the parking lot were elevated by new granular material, asphalt paving, the installation of sidewalks, widening of the entrance, placement of parking curbs, and fresh line painting.

As part of reshaping the site, Morven introduced a new rip rap ditch, facilitating effective water management. The project was completed by reinstating topsoil and sod.

Morven's commitment to quality and attention to detail ensured the successful transformation of the Edmon Street parking lot, providing an improved and modernized environment for the housing complex.

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