Our Projects: Circuit Rider Drive Extension


Town of Greater Napanee


Circuit Rider Drive, Napanee

Project Timeline:

10 weeks

Project Description

When the Town of Greater Napanee needed to extend a new roadway in the industrial park to fortify infrastructure and foster economic growth, they turned to Morven Construction. This initiative required prompt completion to pave the way for the construction of new buildings on the adjacent land.

The comprehensive project started with clearing, grubbing, and earth stripping, followed by precise rock blasting and excavation for the installation of 200mm sanitary sewers and 300mm watermain. To facilitate efficient water flow, new large-diameter twin culverts were strategically installed beneath the roadway.

The foundation of the new roadway took shape with the buildup of granular material and excavated rock. Ditching work along the road further contributed to proper drainage. The project culminated in the construction of a new asphalt-paved roadway and a granular cul-de-sac, ensuring a durable and well-designed infrastructure.

Morven's dedicated efforts led to the project's successful completion ahead of schedule and under budget.

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