Our Projects: Tree Clearing & Impacted Soil Disposal


Thomas Developments Inc.


Warner Pastures, Yarker

Project Timeline:

12 weeks

Project Description

Morven's versatility in project management extends beyond government contracts, as seen by our involvement in the Warner Pastures project. In these endeavors with private developers and business owners, the scope of work often evolves as we collaborate with the client. This underscores our adaptability and commitment to meeting individual project needs through negotiated pricing.

Situated in the Township of Stone Mills, the Warner Pastures project is a future rural subdivision. Morven played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for developing this area. Our tasks included the construction of a granular access road, essential for facilitating subsequent phases of the project.

A significant aspect of the project involved the clearing and grubbing of a 20-meter wide right-of-way spanning 1.2 kilometers for the proposed Crescent. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, all trees, stumps, and brush removed from the site were mulched for reuse. In addition, we successfully managed the responsible disposal of 875 tonnes of impacted soil from the site.

The project presented unique challenges, requiring the protection of an escarpment for wildlife conservation. Specific trees were identified for preservation, ensuring the undisturbed habitat during our work. The project intersects with County and Township recreational trails but Morven skillfully navigated these areas, ensuring they remained open and undisturbed throughout the duration of our work.

Our ability to adapt to evolving project scopes, coupled with our dedication to environmental responsibility, positions Morven as a trusted partner in private sector ventures.

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