Our Projects: Breakwater and Basin Repairs


Kingston Yacht Club


Kingston, Ontario

Project Timeline:

2 Months

Project Description

Morven has completed several shoreline, breakwater and basin repairs at the Kingston Yacht Club. In 2016, Morven completed the stabilization of the interior of the breakwater gabion wall with concrete barriers, underwater concrete, and infilling of special aggregate. In 2017, Morven supplied and installed additional limestone rock to the exterior of the breakwater after record high Lake Ontario water levels. In 2018, Morven complete the replacement of the "Shark" basin on the interior of the yacht club harbor. Morven removed existing timber seawall, pier, and marine railway. Morven designed and constructed a new concrete seawall and pier including asphalt restoration and concrete slabs at the location of the former railway. In March 2020, Morven reconstructed the outer breakwater with over 750 tonnes of custom limestone rock to provide additional protection for higher Lake Ontario water levels and prevailing winds.

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