Our Projects: City of Kingston Breakwater Park


City of Kingston & Buddy Haegele Enterprises


Kingston, Ontario

Project Timeline:

12 Months

Project Description

Morven was the major civil sub-contractor to Buddy Haegele Enterprises for the construction of Breakwater Park in Kingston, Ontario. A technically challenging project involving in-water construction and strict environmental controls, Morven helped to deliver a beautiful and active park that has become extremely popular with residents. Morven constructed five large shoreline headlands using large limestone rocks, four beach areas between the headlands, a kiteboard landing area constructed of stacked large limestone rocks built around an existing storm sewer outfall. All of this work was completed during record high Lake Ontario water levels so Morven adjusted their work approach while meeting the project’s design requirements. Morven assembled and installed a 75 metre pipe extension with weights to an existing outlet from the adjacent water treatment plant. Once the pipe extension was installed, Morven created an accessible swimming area within the existing wharf by infilling with limestone rock and river stone. A large precast sea wall was constructed underwater and around an existing sewer outfall from a water treatment plant by Morven during winter conditions. Morven completed all removals and preparation for the new sidewalks, new Gord Downie Pier, a beautiful promenade along the shoreline, and grading for all landscape features.

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