Our Projects: Limestone District School Board Septic Systems


Limestone District School Board, Emmons & Mitchell Construction


Harrowsmith & Sydenham, Ontario

Project Timeline:

2 months

Project Description

Morven was the major civil sub-contractor to Emmons & Mitchell Construction for septic systems at Harrowsmith Public School, Loughborough Public School and Sydenham High School. Work at Harrowsmith PS involved reconstruction and asphalt paving of the fire lane and student play areas with minor upgrades to the existing septic system. The Loughborough Public School and Sydenham High School use the same septic tile bed connected to various tanks at each school. The existing septic bed and one concrete tank was removed at Loughborough PS to construct a new septic filter bed with imported sand. Modifications were made to an existing tank to create a pump chamber, a new 65,000 litre balancing tank was supplied and installed and new forcemain installed. Storm sewer and catchbasins were also installed near the school entrance to improve drainage. For Sydenham High School, a cast-in-place concrete 66,000 litre septic tank was removed and replaced with a new 65,000 litre septic tank, sanitary manhole with drop structure and connected to existing sanitary sewer. Morven worked around tight access requirements for large cranes to place the new concrete tanks. Despite supply chain challenges related to Covid-19 during summer 2020, Morven commissioned the septic systems including site restoration before students returned to school for the fall semester.

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